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Puyallup Picture Show: Your Gateway to Blockbuster Entertainment


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Puyallup is a small town in Washington, but it’s not lacking in entertainment options, thanks to its local movie theater. The Puyallup Movie Theater is a must-visit destination for any cinema enthusiast. It offers an immersive movie experience and has been a local favorite for years.

History and Location of Puyallup Movie Theater:

The Puyallup Movie Theater is located in the heart of downtown Puyallup. It has a rich history and has been a prominent feature of the community for many years. The theater first opened its doors in the early 1900s and has been a staple in the town ever since. It underwent a major renovation in the 1990s, which brought it up to modern standards, while still retaining its historic charm.


The Puyallup Movie Theater boasts several state-of-the-art facilities that ensure a top-quality movie-watching experience. The theater has five screens, each with high-definition picture and sound quality. The seating arrangements are comfortable and spacious, with enough legroom to stretch out and relax. The theater also has an arcade room, where moviegoers can enjoy a game or two before or after the movie.

Food and Drinks:

The theater has a fully stocked snack bar that offers a wide range of treats to enjoy while watching a movie. There’s everything from popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, candy, and soda, and they all come in different sizes and flavors. The concession stand also sells beer and wine for adults who want to enjoy a drink with their movie.

Special Events:

The Puyallup Movie Theater hosts several special events throughout the year. These events range from movie marathons to themed screenings. One of the most popular events is the midnight movie screening, where the theater stays open late into the night to show a classic cult movie. The theater also hosts private screenings for events like birthday parties, corporate events, and even weddings.


The Puyallup Movie Theater is an affordable entertainment option, with tickets starting at just $9 for adults and $7 for children. The theater also offers special discounts for seniors and military personnel. For those who want to save a little more, the theater offers matinee showings before 6 pm with lower ticket prices.

Overall, the Puyallup Movie Theater is a fantastic place to enjoy a movie with friends or family. The theater’s historic charm and state-of-the-art facilities make it a unique and immersive experience. With affordable prices, delicious snacks, and a variety of events, it’s no wonder that the Puyallup Movie Theater has been a local favorite for years.

Puyallup is a small town located in Pierce County, Washington. Although it is small, it has many exciting places to visit, one of which is the Puyallup movie theater. The Puyallup movie theater is a great place to go if you want to enjoy some quality time with your family, friends, or loved ones. In this article, we will be discussing some interesting facts and details about the Puyallup movie theater that you might not have known before.

The Puyallup movie theater is owned and operated by Regal Cinemas, which is one of the largest theater chains in the United States. It is located at 3500 South Meridian in Puyallup, Washington. The theater has a total of 14 screens, which means that there are plenty of movie options available for visitors. The theater is open every day of the week, and showtimes are available throughout the day.

The Puyallup movie theater is a modern facility with all of the amenities you would expect from a top-of-the-line theater. There are comfortable seating options, including plush recliners, which are perfect for those long movies. The theater also has state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, which means that you can expect to have an exceptional movie-watching experience every time you visit.

One of the things that make the Puyallup movie theater unique is its location. The theater is situated in the South Hill Mall, which means that there are plenty of shopping and dining options available before or after your movie. This makes it an ideal destination for a day out with friends or family.

The Puyallup movie theater offers a variety of ticket options to fit every budget. There are standard ticket options, which are reasonably priced, and there are also premium ticket options, which offer added amenities like reserved seating, extra legroom, and other perks. The theater also offers special discounts for children, seniors, and military personnel, which makes it an excellent choice for families or anyone looking to save some money.

In addition to regular movie showings, the Puyallup movie theater also offers special events and screenings. These events include movie premieres, live screenings of plays and musicals, and special showings of classic films. The theater also hosts private events, which can be perfect for birthdays, corporate events, or other celebrations.

The Puyallup movie theater is also an excellent place to work. The theater offers a variety of job opportunities, including positions in management, customer service, and theater operations. It’s an ideal place to work for anyone who loves movies and wants to work in a fun and exciting environment.

In conclusion, the Puyallup movie theater is an excellent destination for anyone looking to enjoy a movie in a comfortable and modern setting. With its state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable seating options, and convenient location, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family. If you’re looking for a job or want to plan a special event, the Puyallup movie theater is an excellent choice.

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