Live Dismemberment in New Vegas: What You Need to Know


The Fallout: New Vegas game is known for its violence and gore. Players can use a variety of weapons to defeat their enemies, including guns and explosives. However, one of the game’s more controversial features is live dismemberment. In this article, we’ll explore what Live Dismemberment in New Vegas is and how it works in the game.

What is Live Dismemberment?

Live dismemberment is a mod that allows players to dismember their enemies in real-time during combat. This means that when a player shoots an enemy with a weapon, body parts can be blown off depending on the location of the shot. The mod also allows for more realistic blood and gore effects, which can be both gruesome and satisfying.

How Does Live Dismemberment Work?

Live dismemberment works by altering the game’s physics engine. The mod adds new animations and body parts to the game, which allows for more realistic dismemberment. When a player shoots an enemy with a weapon, the mod calculates the damage and determines which body parts should be affected. For example, shooting an enemy in the head may result in their head exploding, while shooting them in the leg may result in their leg being blown off.

Is Live Dismemberment Safe?

Live dismemberment is a mod, which means it was created by a third-party and not by the game developers. As with any mod, there is a risk that it could cause issues with the game, including crashes and bugs. Additionally, live dismemberment is a very graphic mod and may not be suitable for all players.

How to Install Live Dismemberment

To install live dismemberment, players must first download the mod from a trusted website. Once downloaded, the mod can be installed using a mod manager or by manually adding the files to the game’s directory. It’s important to note that live dismemberment may not be compatible with all other mods, so players should check for compatibility issues before installing.


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